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All services offered in the Client Center are also available online at the web portal. registration

Get the consumer services online. In the webportal, you gain access to online extract of informations from credit bureaus and other online services offered inside the portal.

Extract from CBCB and CNCB

Applications for credit reports or correction of inaccurate data processed in the BRKI and NRKI credit bureaus.

Activation of Hlídám si, kolik mám

Online service of monitoring of the data contributed to Banking (BRKI) and Non-banking (NRKI) credit bureau.

Activation of the NetAgent

Internet surveillance service for personal data protection.

Extract from the Evidence of Executions

Anyone can inquire on a person or company into the Evidence of Executions.

Extract from the Register of Advisors

The credibility of the financial advisor can be verified in the Register of Advisors called ELIXIR.

Extract from the REPI Register

Any person may request a REPI extract if he/she is considering a hire purchase.

Service packages for better price

Individual services can be combined to give you a better price.

Client center

CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau a.s.

Štětkova 1638/18, 140 00 Praha 4,
Czech republic
entrance from Na Pankráci street

844 111 777
in service 9:00 - 16:30

Extracts from Bureaus: requests:

Data box ID R4QDCBE
Postage for data box is charged with 25 CZK per report.
Opening hours:

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 16:30
Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday 08:00 - 16:30
Friday 08:00 - 15:30

The last client will be served no later than 15 minutes before the end of the opening hours.


Application for an extract of information (individual/self-employed)
Application for an extract of information (legal entity)
Power of attorney (individual/self-employed)
Power of attorney (legal entity)
Request to correct personal data (individual/self-employed) FO
Request to correct personal data (legal entity)

How you can get to Client Center?

Public transport - Metro C

From the Vysehrad station get off to the Congress Center, go around the congress center, you will have it on your right, then over the bridge on your left to the Quibix building.
By car

Arriving from the direction out of the city centre leave the main street 5. Května by Vysehrad exit and while taking the large roundabout you will see Qubix building on your right.

Arriving from the direction towards to city centre leave the main street 5. Května by Vysehrad exit towards to Hotel Corinthia (last exit before the Nuselsky Bridge), pass thru viaduct and on the large roundabout you will see Quibix building on your right.

Parking: in front of the building there is a possibility of a paid parking

About us

The Client Center is operated by company CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau

CRIF is the founder of the banking and non-banking Credit Registers in Czech Republic and operates the Register of Financial Advisors – ELIXIR and Register of Payment Informations REPI.

CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau provides to clients  Cribis application, which contains informations about more than 10 million business entities and individuals from the Czech and Slovak Republics using more than 43 information sources. An optional Cribis module is an international SkyMinder service that enables more than 200 million companies across 230 countries and territories to be scanned.

The company also provides a comprehensive solution for credit risk management and behind the stamp iRating advanced tools for evaluating the economic status of companies and municipalities.